COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Dear Families,

As you might be aware, all Springfield residents age 5 and older can now receive a free COVID-19 vaccine. This is great news for the health and safety of your child, your family, your school community, and the whole city! In partnership with the City’s vaccination effort, some school sites are offering the first dose of Pfizer vaccinations to eligible students ages 5-11 for one day during the month of January to make it as easy as possible to stay safe. More information will be coming out soon regarding this effort.  Getting your child vaccinated is safe, confidential, and easy.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at preventing COVID-19 illness; millions of people have already been safely vaccinated in Springfield.

  • You do not need health insurance to get vaccinated—the vaccine is free.

  • You will not need to provide proof of immigration status or a social security number to get vaccinated.

  • Vaccines are administered by trained medical professionals.

  • Your school’s pop-up vaccination site will administer your student’s doses of the Pfizer and flu vaccine. · All records and information associated with vaccination are kept strictly confidential.

  • While strongly recommended, vaccinations are not currently mandatory for most students.

  • By getting your child vaccinated, you are protecting them, your family, and your community from COVID-19 illness.

  • Vaccinations help move our city forward, restore in-person gatherings, and improve quality of life.

We have partnered with the Behavioral Health Network of Springfield to host these clinics.  BHN also runs a number of clinics in the area.

Brightwood & Lincoln Elementary Schools will be hosting a Vaccination Clinic on Thursday, January 13, 2022, from 3:30-5:30 PM. 


We strongly urge you to get your child vaccinated soon. If you are unable to attend, please see the link below for additional clinics.