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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Greetings Brightwood Families,

I wanted to take a moment to welcome students and families back for the 2021-2022 school year. I would also like to give a special welcome to all the new families that will be joining us this year. As you know, Brightwood has moved to a new location this year. We are so excited to have our students in a new building. Last year we reentered school for the first time since the Pandemic began. We will continue to keep some of the safety procedures from last year in place for the start of this year. All staff will also follow the COVID-19 safety protocols for the upcoming year.

1. School Hours – PK school hours are 8:30-2:30.

Kindergarten-5th Grade school hours are 8:30-3:30

2. Building Entry – Parents must make an appointment to enter the building. Please use our virtual office to schedule an appointment to enter the building. Parents will not be allowed in the building without an appointment.

3. Attendance- All students are required to attend school daily. All classes will be in person. The attendance policy will be strictly enforced at Brightwood School. You may access the Springfield Public School Attendance Policy

4. Arrival- All walkers will enter through the front of the building. If you are dropping students off in a car, you must drive to the back of the school and drop them off at the back entrance. This is a one-way single-car drop-off. Please do not block traffic by dropping off in the passing lane.

5. Late Arrival- Any student arriving after 8:50 AM will be considered late. All students arriving late must enter through the front of the school.

6. Dismissal- All students that are being picked up by a vehicle will be taking to the back of the school. This again will be done with a single-car line and parents are not permitted to get out of the car. Walkers will be brought to the front of the school

7. Early Dismissal – If you need to dismiss your child early, please use our virtual office to schedule an early dismissal. Please do not use Class Dojo to request an early dismissal.

8. Social Distancing – All students and staff members will engage in social distancing. We have marked the hallways, stairwells, tunnel, classrooms, and outside areas with appropriate signage that students can follow. All students and staff members are expected to follow the social distancing guidelines.

9. Uniforms- Students will be required to follow the Springfield Public Schools Uniform Policy.

Navy Blue, Light Blue or White Shirts

Navy Blue or Tan Pants

Navy Blue, Light Blue, or White Sweatshirts

· Shoes must fit securely on the foot. Shoes with open toes (including flip flops, sandals and slides) will not be allowed.

· Shorts, Jumpers and skirts must be knee level or longer. Blouse or polo must be worn under the jumper.

10. Technology – All students will need to bring their laptops charged to school daily. Students will also need to bring their chargers to school daily. All students are responsible to care for their laptops.

· If a student breaks or loses a laptop, a replacement can be provided (with take-home privileges) ONCE at the school's discretion​

· If a second laptop is broken or lost, the student loses take-home privileges for the year and will use a loaner during the school day​

11. Masks- Students in PreK-5th grade are required and expected to wear a mask while in school. We will have mask breaks during the school day.

12. Water Bottles – Students will need a reusable water bottle. Students will have opportunities during the school day to fill their bottles using a touchless water bubbler.

13. Health- If your child is not feeling well please do not send them to school. If you send your child to school with a COVID-19 Symptom, your child will be evaluated by our school nurse and will be sent home.

14. School Website and QR Code- https://www.brightwoodsps.com/

Virtual Office:

I encourage you all to frequently visit our webpage and follow our Class Dojo page for up-to-date and accurate information. Our priority is to keep everyone safe as we begin the new school year. I am confident that by working together we will continue to keep students and staff safe. I am always available should you have any questions.


Jose Escribano


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